This space will not remain stagnant for much longer!

So if you’re not aware, I have a newsletter. That’s where people keep up with what I’m up to. It’s where I share my thoughts and opinions on things, funny anecdotes, stories, and thoughts on popular culture, specifically on storytelling. My emails are starting to add up, however, and once I get to a year of sending out my newsletter I’m going to start sharing some of my older posts here as blog posts. You won’t get the comic strip that’s an exclusive part of the newsletter, although I might give you one or two as a teaser, but you’ll get some of the interesting subjects I’ve written about. A year after everyone one my newsletter has read it. So if you read stuff here and like it, and want to read stuff when it’s first presented, plus get the extras that are exclusive to the newsletter, you can sign up for it at any time right here on the website! So stay tuned! More posts coming soon!