Why the crickets?

Well, simply put, I'm still trying to make a living through drawing. I'm not the fastest artist around, so jobs tend to take up most all of my time. Most? Pft - all of my time. They take up every last second I've got left after being a father and a husband. 

I hope to either get to these eventually or, even better, pitch these ideas to publishers. I'm working on that now, actually, while I work my other paying comics gig. 

I know drawing for a living looks like nothing but fun and freedom, but it's hard work and time consuming. I work most weekends and late nights as well, although less as I get older because I need that sleep. I think about my own comics every day though and I'll get to them one way or the other, I swear. Here's a peek at what I'm currently working on, just so you know I'm telling you the truth. :-)

CLIP STUDIO PAINTScreenSnapz119.jpg