New Year, New Pages, New Story

We've added a couple of pages to Bimbo and started The Up Side of Down.

I've come up with many stories over the years. Most of them end up in the garbage, but every once in awhile a gem pops up and I keep it active in my brain. I write notes, develop it, and let it perculate. The Up Side of Down was the first of these. It started out an 8 page short for a contest run by Dark Horse Comics. It was well received but didn't win. Once the contest was over I realized the story had the potential for much more, so I began expanding it. It bloated into a 12 issue mini-series, then life happened and it sat. For years. 

Over the course of those years I developed a few more gems in my head and on the computer. I persued those in my head because I felt they'd be more "commercial," but The Up Side of Down kept poking the inside of my skull, demanding attention. Eventually I read over the notes for the expanded version and some of the stuff I had written made me laugh. It's rare for me to like anything I create after a couple of days, so the fact that I still enjoyed this story had an impact on me. So here we are.

I've gone back in and honed the story into a much tighter narrative, clarified some of the character arcs, and, well, generally improved upon it every which way, which got me motivated to start working on the art for it again. Although my ADD will eventually give me the itch to work on the other stories again, I'm going to try and stay focused on this one for as long as I can. If I work on the others it will be to finish the initial story setup for each (so I'll have the material I need to pitch them if necessary), which I'm okay with, but The Up Side of Down is still my heart's favorite - it's a very personal story for me and one that deserves to be told. It's actually about something. So here we go...

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